Tristan Juricek

… in PDX
July 2016!

I'm a software engineer, these are some things I've done.

Professional Post-Mortems

Most recently, at Perforce Software (2011-2016)

  • Helix Web Services — A middleware platform for Helix Service web applications.
  • Commons — A web application to make versioning useful for the front-office.

Before that, at Cloudwords (9 months around 2010)

  • Cloudwords — A SaaS marketplace for language translation vendors.

In the late 'aughts', at emarsys eMarketing Systems (2006-2009)

  • e3 — A SaaS service for email delivery.

The true first Real Job at Kofax (2001-2006)

This was actually a startup, called Mohomine, that was acquired by Kofax in 2003.

The not-so fun first real Job at BAE Systems

Right out of USCD I worked at BAE for about oh, six months. Not going to do a postmortem because it's just not significant. There was C, and PL/1. And a travelling salesman algorithm.

Side Project Post-Mortems

You might be thinking "if this is your side project, isn't this your passion and aren't these side-projects your love and why don't you fix any request immediately?". All I have to say is "I have other priorities now". Nevertheless…

  • p4go — A Golang wrapper for the p4api.
  • knockoff — A markdown parser (and object model) for Scala.

Also, I'm screwing around re-learning different technologies, and checking in random things into my Github account.